10 January 2018

13 — Clerodendrum Chalet South and West — CCS, CCW

— บ้านนางแย้ม


This rustic chalet is not available for rent, but is part of the community area, except for the 2 private rooms in the chalets. There are roofed sitting areas with fans, a dining room (with LAN plug) and an outdoor sitting area which can be used by every tenant or guest. There is a bathroom (with toilet and shower), a fully equipped kitchen (for use if there is only a kitchenette in a rented house), and a washing machine (for use if there is no washing machine in a rented house).

The name of this chalet refers to Clerodendrum (Labiatae, mint family), a wild native openly spaced bush with white fragrant flowers (February–March), which grows abundantly in front of the chalet; Thai name is นางแย้ม (Nang Yaem).

CODE: CCS-c1, CCW-c2.