14 — Resort Area and Resort Facilities

— บ้านแซมมี รีสอร์ท ในธรรมชาติ โดยรอบรีสอร์ท

Dragon's Paddling Pool, the big natural pond for swimming and boating


Plants and Flowers — ► ALBUM ◄
Wildlife and Pets — ► ALBUM ◄

The property is about 4 rai large (almost 7,000 square meters, or 1.7 acres), almost rectangular and flat, some areas are slightly raised and sloped. The environ­ment was designed to give nature a refuge, and has become the habitat for numerous native animals. There is a large pond (Dragon's Paddling Pool), four small ponds, canals, gazebos, paths and lush vegetation.

The vegetation has grown partly wild, partly it is planted. It consists of trees and shrubs, bamboos, vines, most of them indigenous, and of ornamental trees and shrubs, most with fragrant flowers, and of palms, ferns, herbs and orchids. Various fruit trees were planted, among which are mango, lychee, rose apple, pomelo, lemon, tamarind, banana and papaya. The leaves and fruits of many wild herbs, and of several trees, are edible and can be uses as vegetables, for soups and for seasoning. We have a large bamboo collection, consisting of native and introduced tall and low bamboo species mainly from the tropics and subtropics of Southeast Asia, but also some from South and Central America, Africa, northern Australia, East Asia, northern India and the Himalayas. For several months every year, delicous bamboo shoots can be harvested.

Garden — ► ALBUM ◄

The large pond (Dragon's Paddling Pool) is suitable for swimming, boating, and fishing. The paths and gazebos invite you to stroll around and relax. Several places are suitable for barbecue. The seven meters deep swimming pond with steep banks has connection with groundwater, no inflow of surface water. The entire banks are of natural vegetation. There are many and various fish in the pond. The natural self-cleaning of the water is balanced with natural input of leaf-litter. The pond will not silt up or become overgrown in the next 50 years. The trees around the pond are tall, some are over 20 meters, so that almost the entire bank and parts of the water surface is shaded. The pond has no algae. As the soil consists of loam and clay, there are tiny particles that can float in the water and do not sink easily, which causes the pond looking turbid with a view not deeper than half a meter from water level. We have no leech neither on land nor in water, and there was never any waterborne diseases. The pond was designed for swimming and boating, and neither the bank nor the ground under water may be entered. Access to the pond is only by stairs on five quays. All natural sites of the garden should be protected by not entering. There are plenty of paths for walking. Adults need to keep an eye on play­ing children, especially out­side the private garden area.

Although the resort area is not a mosquito heaven, simple pre­cautionary measures, chiefly in the even­ing, are recommended. At night, no mosquito net covering the bed­stead is necessary as the interior of all houses is fully protected by mosquito screens on doors, windows and other openings.

We have outdoor pets on the property, one dog and cats, so we cannot allow further pets from guests and tenants to stay on our property.


Available to all houses at Baan Sammi is electricity, Inter­net (Wi-Fi), mobile phone signal, drink­able tap water, bottled drink­ing water, ground-water for irriga­tion. A few houses have in addition gas (for cooking and/or shower), and LAN-Internet.

A small row­boat for 1-2 persons is avail­able. Several places in the garden are suitable for barbecue, and a barbecue equipment is available.

A community sitting area, both a roofed and a non-roofed living-space, is available next to the chalets, and is for general use, e.g. for break­fast, dinner, socializing. We do not run a restaurant at Baan Sammi, but on request you can have breakfast and choose Western type or Thai type breakfast, or fruits of the season. On request and if ordered in advance, Thai meals for lunch and dinner can be offered, too.

Four houses have an own kitchen. The kitchen facilities near the chalets can be used if there is no kitchen in the rented home.

Three houses have an own washing machine. Usage of a washing machine near the chalets is possible if there is no wash­ing machine in the rented home. Iron and ironing board is available on request. Further, an external laundry service can be offered.

A food delivery service from a nearby restaurant is available 6 days per week. There is a variety of meals offered, e.g. Thai meals as well as Western meals including pizzas. This service is free-of-charge.

A grocery delivery service from TescoLotus is available online and daily. This service is free-of-charge if an order exceeds the minimum total value.

Every afternoon a female cyclist passes the village road and offers a grocery delivery service. Let her stop and you can shop.

Bicycles can be made available for your whole stay. They are suitable for shopping in nearby villages and to explore the vicinity.

A motorbike can be made available by day. For longer trips, or use over a longer period, we can help you to get a motorbike rented from the city.

For trips to the city using public transport, we can arrange to get you a shuttle service by saleng to the main road, from where you can switch to the fixed-route song-thaeo that services the route from Doi Saket to the city of Chiang Mai and back.

For any trips, a driver with car can be hired, e.g. for trans­port to and from air­port, rail­way station, bus station, for shopping and sightseeing. We prefer to recommend you a certain driver who is well experienced, knows well the vicinity and wider areas, and can talk to you in fluent English.

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