13 — Clerodendrum Chalet South and West — CCS, CCW

— บ้านนางแย้ม


This rustic chalet consists of 4 parts: The interior of (1) Clerodendrum Chalet West and (2) Clerodendrum Chalet South, which both are private and not available for rent, (3) a roofed, veranda-like sitting area, with dining room, kitchen and bathroom, and (4) an adjacent outdoor sitting area.

The sitting areas are part of the community area for every tenants and guests. The roofed sitting areas are with ceiling and wall fans, the outdoor sitting areas are with umbrellas, floor fans, and barbecue equipment.

The dining room can also be used by the community. The room has large mosquito-screened windows providing nice views over the garden, and a wall fan. The dining table is for up to 6 people. The room has a laptop friendly workspace for temporary use; in addition to WiFi, there is a LAN plug. With an extended cable, LAN can be used within the outdoor sitting area, too.

Between dining room and Clerodendrum Chalet South, there are bathroom, kitchen area and laundry space. The bathroom (with toilet and hot shower) is especially for use by a tenant of the Khilek Pavilion if this pavilion is rented separately. The fully equipped kitchen is for optional use if there is only a kitchenette in a rented house (Khilek Pavilion, Chom Doi Pavilion). The kitchen is roofed but open-spaced, and equipped with two wall fans. The washing machine behind the bathroom can be used if there is no washing machine in a rented house.

The name of these chalets refers to Clerodendrum (Labiatae, mint family), a wild native openly spaced bush with white fragrant flowers (February–March), which grows abundantly in front of the chalet; Thai name is นางแย้ม (Nang Yaem).

CODE: CCS-c1, CCW-c2.

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