10 January 2018


3 — NEWS


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4 — General: Our Accommodation Offers

— บ้านพักให้เช่า บ้านแซมมี รีสอร์ทในสวนธรรมชาติ ที่อำเภอดอยสะเก็ด จังหวัดเชียงใหม่

The residential homes at Baan Sammi are thought as a retreat for people who prefer a quiet life in a natural surrounding. Here, there is no hustle and bustle from tourists, as we do neither run a hotel or hostel, nor a guesthouse or a typical Thai resort. Further, we do not run a restaurant, bar or pub.

At Baan Sammi, 4 residential homes are offered for long-term rent. Usually our tenants are foreigners, or Thai–foreigner couples. There are several reasons for people who want to stay in our homes:
• they find a perfect home for their retirement, or
• they want repeatedly escape the long cold season during autumn and winter of the northern hemisphere, or
• they are artists or writers and require an inspiring, peaceful environment, or
• they are businessmen and need a retreat in South-East Asia with good flight and Internet connections, or
• they are global travelers and need a base camp to stay for a long period in the north of Thailand to explore people, culture and nature.

Some of our residential homes are also available for short-term rent (up to 3 months), throughout year, or for a certain period of time. These homes are available as vacation rentals to all kind of travelers, mainly to those who prefer a quiet, natural environment off the centers of busy tourist areas, but not too distant from the city of Chiang Mai with its amenities.

(1) Plumeria Home, comprising (1a) Plumeria Bungalow, left, and (1b) Khilek Pavilion, right
(2) Tai Saeng Chan Pavilion (Moonlight Pavilion)
(3) Lychee Lodge
(4) Dillenia Home, comprising (4a) Dillenia Bungalow, left, and (4b) Chom Doi Pavilion, right

All houses are in an unpretentious contemporary 'Lanna' style, each of unique design and specific character. Some are surrounded by a decorative private garden but all are with lush tropical vegetation to secure privacy and quiet. The entire property is fenced and gated, whereas private spaces around houses are delimited mainly by plants and pot plants. The large natural community garden has tall shady trees and comprises a large and deep natural swimming pond. All houses are fully equipped for self-catering; they have a kitchen or kitchenette, private or shared. All houses are fully furnished for short-term rent, monthly rent, and quarterly rent, and partly furnished for half-year rent and longer.

Destinations can be reached by bicycle, motorbike/scooter, car, or by public transport from our main gate. The nearest villages are within walking distance, as is a restaurant and two shops. Within the distance for a bicycle ride, shops, markets and restaurants can be reached. The district center, Doi Saket, is 4 mi (7 km) distant, and the city limit of Chiang Mai 9 mi (15 km).

The rental rates vary depending on the type of house, season and length of stay, and number of people. There are monthly rates, and rates for longer stays. The rates for rentals and their utility costs are listed for every house type in tables:
For people who want to stay up to 6 months every year (e.g. to escape winter in Europe), we offer a 3-Year Winter Getaway Special rate.

Online booking is possible for short-term rentals (for a stay up to 3 months). Do compare the prices of our houses in different accommodation booking websites and choose the best offer! Online booking prices are not compatible with prices in our Tables of Rental Rates. Seasonal discounts and other promotions of our rentals can be found in the accommodation booking websites.

BS Resort Map 1: Community and Private Areas

In the following, all rentals are described and pictured. Thereafter, general information about Baan Sammi Nature Resort and its surroundings is presented.

5 — (1) Plumeria Home (Plumeria Bungalow with Khilek Pavilion) — PH

— บ้านพลุเมเรีย และ ศาลาขี้เหล็ก


6 — (1a) Plumeria Bungalow (without Khilek Pavilion) — PB

— บ้านพลุเมเรีย

7 — (1b) Khilek Pavilion — KP

— สาลาขี้เหล็ก

Khilek Pavilion — ► ALBUM ◄

1 bedroom pavilion, 323 ft² (30 m²), shared external bathroom and kitchen,
standard occupancy 1 person, maximum sleeps 2.

Example for rental rates:
Quarterly stay (1 person): 7,500 ฿/month + utility costs.
See all rates in the Table of Rental Rates!

8 — (2) Tai Saeng Chan Pavilion (Moonlight Pavilion) — TSCP

— สาลาไต้แสงจันทร์

9 — (3) Lychee Lodge — LL

— บ้านลิ้นจี่

10 — (4) Dillenia Home (Dillenia Bungalow with Chom Doi Pavilion) — DH

— บ้านดิเลเนีย และ สาลาชมดอย


2 bedroom bungalow with pavilion, 517 ft² (48 m²),
standard occupancy 1-2 persons, maximum sleeps 4.

Examples for rental rates:
Long stay (1 year): 12,000 ฿/month + utility costs.
See all rates in the Table of Rental Rates!

11 — (4a) Dillenia Bungalow (without Chom Doi Pavilion) — DB

— บ้านดิเลเนีย


1 bedroom bungalow, 388 ft² (36 m²),
standard occupancy 1-2 persons, maximum sleeps 2.

Examples for rental rates:
Long stay (1 year): 10,000 ฿/month + utility costs.
See all rates in the Table of Rental Rates!

12 — (4b) Chom Doi Pavilion (Mountain View Pavilion) — CDP

— สาลาชมดอย


1 bedroom pavilion, 129 ft² (12 m²),
standard occupancy 1 person, maximum sleeps 2.

Examples for rental rates:
Quarterly stay (1 person): 7,500 ฿/month + utility costs.
See all rates in the Table of Rental Rates!

13 — Clerodendrum Chalet South and West — CCS, CCW

— บ้านนางแย้ม


14 — Resort Area

— บ้านแซมมี รีสอร์ท ในธรรมชาติ โดยรอบรีสอร์ท

Dragon's Paddling Pool, the big natural pond for swimming and boating

15 — Vicinity of Baan Sammi Nature Resort

— บ้านแซมมี รีสอร์ทในธรรมชาติ โดยรอบนอกเขตรีสอร์ท

Eastern mountain range